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Yahoo Japan Signs Search Deal With Google

Yahoo Japan has entered into a partnership with Google to control the entire internet search market in Japan, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

Yahoo Japan today confirmed the deal on the Google Japan blog, stating that the company plans to utilise Google’s search engine technology instead of that from part-owner Yahoo.

"We looked at this from many angles, but in the end we determined that Google was the better choice," said Yahoo Japan Chief Executive Masahiro Inoue.

In adopting Google's search technology, the Japanese internet company has ignored the global Yahoo brand’s recently signed ten-year deal to use Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Yahoo Japan is expected to integrate Google’s advertising platform early next year.

Bloomberg reports that Yahoo Japan is jointly controlled by Yahoo's US division, which holds a 35 per cent stake, and by Softbank, a Japan-based mobile and broadband service provider, which holds a 40 per cent stake.

The Japanese internet company has around 52 million users, and accounts for 50 per cent of the Japanese search market. Google holds 31 per cent of the market share.