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Apple Adds Extensions To Safari 5.0

Apple has had a very busy week as it released a minor update to its Safari 5.0 web browser, one which introduces SEG (Safari Extensions Gallery) and the concept of extensions to Safari users and which will be called Safari 5.0.1.

Developers have been creating extension in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript since June 2010 when Safari was launched.

The biggest competitors to Apple's browser, Google's Chrome and Mozilla Firefox already have Extensions and it was only a matter of time for Apple to do the same.

The SEG can be accessed either via the browser menu or on Apple's website. Interestingly, unlike Firefox, there's no need to restart your browser after installing or removing extensions.

As expected some heavyweights have already adopted Apple's Safari Extensions Gallery including the likes of Bing, Ebay, NY Times, MLB, Amazon and Twitter and surprisingly, there's even a dedicated extension categories for the social microblogging website.

There are 16 categories and 103 extensions already available, expect that number to grow rapidly as developers embrace Extensions Gallery and liken it to the App Store. You can download the latest Safari browser here.