Apple forced to sell Mac Minis for £400

Apple has been forced to honour orders for thousands of Mac Minis after a pricing cock-up on the Apple Store's Taiwanese web site, according to reports.

The mini computer, which is already Apple's cheapest Mac at a squeak under £650 in the UK, was briefly offered to Taiwanese punters who qualified for educational discounts at a rather attractive £400.

A number of tech web sites have done some rather over-enthusistic calculations and come up with a figure of 42 per cent of the original price, but that would mean the Mac Mini would need to be on sale for £950. In fact, at 25,900 Taiwan dollars the price translates to about £520, which is probably not that far off the educational discount (£120) you could expect from Apple. After all, if you catch 'em young you'll have 'em hooked for life.

We're not quite sure where AFP and 9 to 5 Mac got their numbers from but we smell something a bit fishy here.

Maths geniuses (should that be genii?) are welcome to illuminate us in the comments below.