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Apple Updates MacOSX to 10.6.4, Brings Magic Trackpad to Windows

Following the launch of new Mac Pro and iMac models yesterday, Apple has released a minor update to Snow Leopard that solves a few compatibility issues and security glitches but most importantly, will allow Mac owners to use the Magic Trackpad which was released yesterday.

The 456MB file also zaps compatibility and performance-related graphics issues, introduces compatibility with mammoth size SDXC memory cards (up to 64GB models), improves reliability of VPN connections and includes Safari 5.0.

The whole list of improvements and changes is found here. Apple has also quietly released a pair of updates for the Apple Magic Trackpad which makes it compatible with Windows computers.

Unfortunately, Windows users won't be able to use three fingers or four fingers on the Magic Trackpad. Only one finger (e.g. dragging) or two finger gestures (e.g. rotate) will be supported by default. The good news is that the device will support the 10 year old Windows XP OS.