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Do you want to see your favourite films remixed in 3D?

Ever since the release of James Cameron's 3D blockbuster Avatar at the end of last year, it has been clear that 3D is here to stay.

Raking in a massive £1.8 billion worldwide, Avatar smashed all previous box office records, and it was clear that the 3D revolution had begun. And it wasn't long before other Hollywood movie makers began to see the benefits of 3D.

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A number of films that were already in production decided to convert their existing footage into 3D. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was one of the first titles to announce the change.

The increasing use of computer-generated imagery has made it easier for studios to re-imagine their works in 3D – and fully computer-generated animations such as Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs set a benchmark for the new technology.

But with films such as Clash Of The Titans, a re-make of the early-'80s Greek gods and monsters epic, being converted to 3D in post-production, a whole new area of interest has been opened up: bringing the world of Hollywood classics into the 3D era.

Now, directors can use sophisticated image processing to calculate the perspectives involved in a camera shot in order to create a convincing 3D version of the scene.

James Cameron is already planning to re-release a 3D-rendered version of his 1990s classic Titanic, which held the previous record for cinema box-office takings until it was knocked off the top spot by Avatar. You can look forward to it hitting your screens some time in April 2012.

But you can be sure the voyage into 3D classics won't stop there. Imagine the destruction of the Death Star in Star Wars in 3D, or the ground-breaking computer-generated visuals of The Matrix.

With the technology now at Hollywood's disposal, you won't just be able to relive those landmarks in cinema history – you can enjoy them bursting out of the screen at you. So would you like to see your favourite films remixed in 3D? And if so, which ones? monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.