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Google To Add Licensing Service For Android Apps

Google is planning to replace the current copy protection system for applications in its Android Market with a free licensing service.

The company has said that it wants to better protect the interests of developers in its Android Community.

Writing on the Android Developers blog, the company explained the free licensing service, which will be applicable to all paid-for applications built for Android 1.5 or higher.

The licensing system will allow the application to "query" the Android Market license data base to verify whether the user has purchased the application or not.

Google has said that the service will be based on user data collected from the Android Market and the newly created application licence library.

Eric Chu, head of the Android Developer Ecosystem at Google, explained: “This licensing service operating real time over the network provides more flexibility in choosing licence-enforcement strategies, and a more secure approach in protecting your applications from unauthorised use, than copy protection.”