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HP Unveils 'Butterfly' Data Centres

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has unveiled a new range of cheaper, more eco-friendly data centres.

HP's Flexible Data Centre offering will let clients develop a highly flexible data centre that could be expanded without the need of extra resources, shifting from the traditional data centre architecture.

The data centre will allow HP's clients to reduce the capital investment costs required to design and build a data centre by half and reduce their carbon footprint.

The company explained that the data centre came with a unique 'butterfly' design with four pre-fabricated modules, all coming off a central administrative centre. The data centre also used industry standard components in order to reduce costs.

In an official statement, Kfir Godrich, the chief technology officer at HP, said: “Clients, such as financial service providers, government entities, and cloud and colocation hosts, will find the scalable and modular nature of HP Flexible DC a compelling option. HP can help clients innovate the way they build and operate a greenfield data centre”