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IT Industry CO2 Emissions Slashed, Claims Report

IT companies have reduced the annual CO2 emissions produced by computer hardware by 32 million metric tons compared to 2007, according to a new study by Natural Logic.

The study is part of wider research by the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI) to evaluate efforts to fight climate change and build a greener environment.

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is an organisation consisting of a number of technology giants, including the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Google and HP.

In a statement, Lorie Wigle, the president of the CSCI, said: “Today, through the collective efforts of our organisation, hardware manufacturers, large IT buyers, and other key partners, the IT sector has cut that waste by at least 25 per cent for new systems.”

The CSCI explained that the reduction in CO2 emissions was equivalent to closing down nine coal power plants, amounting to around $2 billion in annual energy savings.

The massive reduction in CO2 emissions has been attributed to the implementation of new efficiency standards for computing equipment, and the increasing use of energy-saving computer hardware.