Microsoft Partners With Blue Line For Hohm Energy Monitoring

Microsoft has partnered with Blue Line Innovations to expand its Hohm energy monitoring service.

The company said in a blog post that the deal will add the Blue Line Power Cost Monitor and the Wireless Gateway to the system, designed to allow users to monitor their household's energy usage from their computer.

The device was designed to present graphs of how much energy is being used by household products and provide energy consumption figures in real time.

Troy Batterberry, the general manager of Microsoft Hohm, explained: “The Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and WiFi Gateway provide updates every 30 seconds, so you’re getting real-time data so you can take real-time action. It’s kind of like online banking for your energy bill, offering 24x7 access to your usage.”

The company plans to add more hardware components to its Hohm energy tracking service to create an entire ecosystem that will allow users to curb their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.