News@5: Panasonic 3D Camcorders, Google Social Network & Cybercrime

A recent study of 45 US firms has shown that on average, the companies lost $3.8 million every year as a result of cybercrime. The poll, conducted over the five months to 23 June by security firm ArcSight and IT research organisation the Ponemon Institute, involved interviews with IT security experts at companies with 500 or more employees.

Amazon has launched the beta version of a new service that will provide users with product recommendations from their Facebook friends. The company has said that the service will allow users to log into their Facebook accounts through Amazon's online store.

Panasonic has unveiled two new 3D-capable consumer camcorders at a press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday. The Japanese electronics giant said that the camcorders are set to go on sale in Japan on 20 August, and globally by the end of the year.

Google is in talks with several online game developers to create a social networking platform that will rival Facebook. The company is reported to be in talks with prominent games developers to offer games on its upcoming social networking platform. has sold all existing stocks of the $189 version of its Kindle e-reader. The company has yet to announce when it will receive new stock.