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Panasonic Unveils Affordable 3D Camcorders

Panasonic has unveiled two new 3D-capable consumer camcorders at a press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday, PC World reports.

The Japanese electronics giant said that the camcorders are set to go on sale in Japan on 20 August, and globally by the end of the year.

The TM750 will be available with a storage capacity of 96GB, and the TM650 can hold 64 GB. The camcorders can record both 2D and 3D content, made possible by the use of a conversion lens built into the front of the devices.

The camcorders can also record full high-definition footage without the 3D lens.

The company also said that it would be releasing the first interchangeable 3D lens for its LUMIX digital cameras later this year.

Panasonic has said that it aims to become a dominant force in the emerging market for 3D products with the release of new 3D camcorders, cameras and television sets.