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Sandisk Announces Tiny Cruzer USB Drive

Storage manufacturer Sandisk has announced the release of its smallest USB flash drive yet, the Cruzer Blade, one that is about the size of a paper clip and weighs the same as a penny, so much so that you can use it on a key chain or on a mobile phone dongle.

The SanDisk Cruzer Blade will be available in capacities from 2GB to 16GB with a two year warranty. The drives will be available in the US after being available elsewhere with the most expensive costing $78; Sandisk makes more than half of its sales outside the US.

The problem with very small USB drive, as Larry Dignan from ZDNet put it nicely, is that they're easy to lose with all the nasty consequences that follow such a loss.

Furthermore, charging a SRP of $78 (roughly £50) for a 16GB USB flash drive is a tad expensive even when taking into account the size premium.

That said, the device is already available in the UK courtesy of Amazon; the 16GB costs a mere £17 including delivery which is slightly less expensive than other 16GB models and makes a mockery of the original SRP.