UK Lags Behind Top 100 Broadband Cities

Not a single UK town or city features in a new list of the top 100 locations with the fastest broadband speeds compiled by web content delivery specialist Akamai.

The Akamai Q1 2010 State of the Internet report shows Asian cities dominating the top 100, with 61 of the cities being in Japan.

Only 12 US cities made it into the list, seven of them in the state of California.

The Swedish city of Umea was the fastest city in Europe, ranking 18th in the world with an average broadband speed of 9.6Mbps.

The fastest city in the world was Masan, South Korea, with an average broadband connection speed of 40.5Mbps.

With an average connection speed of just 3.8Mbps, the UK failed to make it into either 100 fastest cities or the top 10 fastest countries lists.

David Belson, the director of market intelligence at Akamai, said: “Countries like South Korea have benefited from a number of factors, such as population density and proactive government support and funding for broadband deployment, which has given them their position at the top.”