Verbatim To Launch Triple Layer 100GB Blu-ray Disks In Spring 2011

Verbatim has confirmed that they are working on a 100GB triple-layer Blu-ray disk technology that should hit the market in Spring 2011, roughly 9 months from now.

In a press release, Verbatim says that the new media will be manufactured by the Mitsubishi Kagaku Media's Mizushima factory in Japan. Verbatim is the latest Japanese company to have announced bigger capacity Blu-ray disks.

Sharp, Sony and Sanyo are all working on technologies that could see Blu-ray technology cram up to 1TB worth of data on a single media.

It is worth noting that Verbatim's triple layer technology may consist of three 33.5GB layers, each of which packs 33 per cent more storage capacity than the current 25GB. Therefore, it is likely that Verbatim's 100GB technology may require new proprietary hardware to read and write the disks.

This also means that prices are likely to be high - Sharp says that a single BDXL blank disks will cost as much as $60m, the equivalent of 400 blank DVDs.