Pics : Apple Wireless Keyboard + Magic Trackpad = Awesomeness

Apple's latest magic trackpad for the office is a real eye opener and the decision by Apple to design it in such a way that it is flush with its wireless keyboard revived a pet project, a concept Mac keyboard that incorporates the iPhone handset instead of the numeric keypad.

The new Trackpad has the same sculpted aluminium design and it is not entirely impossible that Apple might decide to combine both its wireless keyboard and its Magic trackpad into a single input peripheral. Check the two concept designs below.

Even at £99 (£59 for the trackpad and £56 for the keyboard), many will consider it to be a bargain simply because it has no competitor on the market and would offer the perfect combination for the Apple TV and for the Mac mini.

Now if only they had a Windows version as well or if Apple decided to get the brains of the iPad/iPhone in it and give it wireless HDMI capabilities, that'd be nice.