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Apple's Magic Trackpad dissected

The hooligans at iFixit have got the spudgers out again, this time pulling apart Apple's just-released mouse killer.

The Magic Trackpad, which has been well received even outside of Apple's usual gang of friendly web sites, takes much of its design inspiration from the company's Aluminium Wireless Keyboard and has all of the functionality of the all-glass trackpads built into many of the outfit's high-end laptops.

iFixit, which always seems to experience more glee than is absolutely necessary in ripping apart Apple's beautifully-designed hardware, has pulled one apart for your viewing pleasure.

The battery-powered Bluetooth device wasn't keen to give up its secrets, being booby-trapped with lots of glue and plenty of those nasty little breakable retaining clips.

The iFixit vandals even had to resort to using a heat gun to pry off the Trackpad's glass surface, so this is definitley not a teardown for the faint hearted.

At the heart of the device is a bluetooth controller, and the same multi-touch chip used in the iPhone, both made by Broadcom.

If you have shelled out £59 for Apple's latest input device and are itching to have a look inside, we'd recommend you go here instead.

Judging by how difficult the iFixit guys found it to disassemble, we'd be willing to guess that getting it back together in one piece and working might be a bit of a challenge.