Google not guilty of wi-fi snooping

The UK's Information Commissioner Office has cleared Google of illicitly gathering data from wireless networks.

The search engine virtual-monopoly said it had "accidentally" gathered data from unsecured wi-fi connections while it was trolling about the country taking pictures for its Street View mapping software.

Data protection authorities all over the world, including the ICO, have been investigating the world-dominating outfit for months, but the Government organisation has now decided that Google did nothing wrong.

In a statement, the ICO said, "On the basis of the samples we saw, we are satisfied so far that it is unlikely that Google will have captured significant amounts of personal data."

Despite telling Google that it was wrong to gather the information, the ICO also said that there was no evidence that the data gathered could "cause any individual detriment."

Despite apologising for the gaffe, and saying it wouldn't do it again, honest, Google is still being investigated by authorities in a number of European states as well as the US of A.