Google Wi-Fi Contains No Personal Info, Says ICO

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has declared that the Wi-Fi data mistakenly collected by Google's Street View service contains no meaningful personal data.

The privacy watchdog said that it had visited Google premises to examine a sample of the Wi-Fi data and found that it contained no meaningful personal information. The ICO added that it believed that no individual was harmed because of the data collection.

The ICO maintained that it had only examined a sample of the data and that other countries investigating Google may find that the company had collected personal information that could be linked to individuals.

European nations, including France, Germany and the Czech Republic are currently conducting criminal investigations against the company, believing that Google had collected personal payload information, such as passwords and e-mail addresses.

In a statement, The ICO said: “As we have only seen samples of the records collected in the UK we recognise that other data protection authorities conducting a detailed analysis of all the payload data collected in their jurisdictions may nevertheless find samples of information.”