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ICANN Announces DNSSEC Internet Security Upgrade

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced a new upgrade to internet security, designed to provide a more safer and secure internet environment for the billions of web users around the globe.

DNSSEC, which was unveiled by ICANN at the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas, will allow domains to certify themselves to prove that they actually belong the organisation they represent, and are not a malicious site.

The move is set to significantly affect the ability of hackers to set up bogus websites, and will help to reduce the number of attacks users face while browsing the internet.

The new system was announced by ICANN's Rod Beckstrom and hacker Dan Kaminsky.

Kaminsky said: “What DNSSEC allows is that each party online can say not only am I sending you a mail, but I can put a stamp on it so you can see it's real. This isn't something we've had the ability to do on a wide scale.”

Tech news site V3 reports that the new system has already been integrated with .org and .uk DNS systems.