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India Denies Plans To Ban BlackBerry

The Indian government has said it has no plans to ban RIM's BlackBerry services in the country - as long as the Canadian firm complies with the country's security regulations, Reuters has reported.

India's internal security head, U.K. Bansal, said that the country is in talks with RIM to allow the government to monitor all e-mails and SMS messages sent from BlackBerry devices.

According to the Times of India, the company has agreed to consider the security concerns cited by the country and will work with the government officials to find a middle ground.

Speaking to The Times of India, U.K. Bansal said: “BlackBerry has assured the Ministry of Home Affairs that the issue of monitoring of the BlackBerry will be sorted out soon... I am sure we will soon be on the same page and our concerns will be addressed.”

Previously the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs had asked RIM to allow Indian security agencies to monitor all SMS and e-mail messages sent by BlackBerry devices within India.

India is currently the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world. Over one million people in the country own a BlackBerry handset.