iPad Owner Are 'Selfish Elitists', Study Shows

A study has revealed that iPad owners are a bunch of selfish, unkind, elitist people, tech news site eWeek reported on Wednesday.

The survey, conducted by New-Jersey-based MyType, has stated that iPad owners are likely to be atleast six times richer than those that do not own the device.

iPad owners are likely to be less interested in the arts and music and more in video games, electronics, science, internet, finance and business.

"We looked for a fuzzy, fit function when we did the selfish profile. The people who fit those attributes were six times more likely to buy an iPad than the average person," said CEO of MyType, Tim Koelkebeck.

MyType is a small time software company that operates a personality test application on the social networking platform, Facebook.

The company used a 50 question online test based on psychological facts, modern research and theories.

The key findings are based on the answers of more than 20,000 respondents between 13 and 49 years of age.