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Microsoft Defends Kinect Pricing

Microsoft has defended its pricing strategy for the Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 gaming peripheral, gaming news site Computer and Videogames reported on Wednesday.

Priced at £129.99 in the UK, the Kinect has received criticism from gamers, experts, analysts and game developers - all of whom have claimed the device is too expensive.

In an interview with tech news site Techradar, Microsoft’s Brett Siddons defended the controler's price, saying: "The price thing itself depends on how you look at it. It's £129.99 RRP but it comes with a game within that price – so Adventures will be packed in with the camera."

"If you buy it with the console which normally costs £149.99, [the package price is] £249.99 with the Kinect and the games – another 100 pound on top. The camera tracks six people – with two active gamers – you don't have to buy anything else."

Despite being able to track six players, the fact remains that the Kinect is only a two-player device. At £65 a head, many experts, including CEO of Codemasters Rod Cousens, believe that the price will have to drop for the device to become competitive.