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Microsoft Unveils Street Slide Navigation Tech

Microsoft has unveiled its Street Slide navigation technology, tech news site Cnet reported on Wednesday.

Microsoft’s Street Slide is an upgrade to its Bing Maps Streetside, and will be launched to give direct competition to Google’s Street View service.

“Today’s services (Google Street View and Bing Maps Street side) plunk you down inside a bubble in a particular location…we create that viewpoint using images taken from all the “bubble” panoramas along a street,” said Michael Cohen, the senior scientist of the research team at Redmond-based software maker.

According to Microsoft Research, the developers of Street Slide, the technology combines multiple panoramic views and allows users to view the street as if they were looking at it from the window of a moving vehicle.

Street Slide employs a newer method of navigating data, which the company claims is neater and faster than its rivals.

According to Cohen, the new technology has been developed to ensure compatibility with mobile phones, allowing users to navigate nearby streets and restaurants in seconds.