News@10: Google Wi-Fi Data, Data Loss & 'Selfish, Unkind, Elitist' iPad Owners

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has declared that the Wi-Fi data mistakenly collected by Google's Street View service contains no meaningful personal information after testing samples of the data.

Nintendo won a landmark case in UK courts, with a High Court ruling that a copying device, the R4 Magicard, that allows users to play pirated games on the DSi handheld console, is illegal in the UK.

Organised crime was responsible for 85 per cent of total data loss in 2009. The Verizon Data Breach Investigations 2010 report was based on statistics gathered by both Verizon and US secret service agencies.

A study has revealed that iPad owners are a bunch of selfish, unkind, elitist people. The survey, conducted by New-Jersey-based MyType, has stated that iPad owners are likely to be atleast six times richer than those that do not own the device.

Facebook has unveiled a beta version of its new question and answer service. The new Q&A feature, Facebook Questions, will allow users to post questions on any number of topics, and receive answers from the Facebook community.