Nintendo 3DS Console Photographed In London

Nintendo has revealed the 3DS, the first portable 3D gaming console in the United Kingdom, during the official launch of the product on this side of the atlantic.

The platform, unlike the competition, does not need 3D glasses to make the most of the content, a unique selling point that Nintendo intends to exploit fully.

The Japanese manufacturer has not provided with any exact launch dates, sticking to its original launch window before April 2011, nor has it said how much it will cost.

Early tests confirm that the viewing angle is very limited, which given the fact that this is a personal gaming station does make sense.

Testers have also noticed that ambient light doesn't affect gaming conditions although playing in bright sunlight may prove to be a challenge.

Only one of the two screens of the Nintendo DS, the top one, will be 3D capable. It boosts a 3.5-inch size with a resolution of twice 400x240 pixels, each eye receiving just short of 100,000 pixels.

The other screen is used as the input interface and is slightly smaller at 3-inch. You do get other physical controls such as the D-pad and the control buttons as on the Nintendo DS.