Nintendo DS Game Copiers Ruled Illegal In UK

Nintendo won a landmark case in UK courts, with a High Court ruling that a copying device, that allows users to play pirated games, is illegal in the UK.

The Court has ruled that the R4 Magicard used to copy and play Nintendo games, that have been downloaded from file sharing websites, on the DSi is illegal

The gaming giant, instead of suing individual file sharers and pirate websites, had filed the lawsuit against the very technology used to copy and play the pirated games.

In a statement to the Financial Times, Neil Boyd, the company's European anti-piracy counsel, said: “The numbers of downloads we are seeing suggest that these [copying devices] have been used extensively. Therefore this case is extremely important for us but also for the developers and creative industries that create software in the UK.”

The ruling states that even though the copying device had lawful uses as well, the fact that users had to circumvent the security implemented on Nintendo consoles infringed on copyright laws, making the devices illegal.