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RIM are announcing a new product next week

Research In Motion and the American mobile phone network AT&T has jointly sent out an invite, to an event being held next week in New York where its rumoured the BlackBerry slider 9800 or even the 9300 will be announced.

One Mobile Ring has been in touch with RIM in the UK to see if such an event is being mirrored in Blighty, where no details of such an event can be disclosed at this time.

The BlackBerry 9800 has been leaked for some months now, with images and video cropping up on the Internet showing the large Storm sized touch screen being slid down vertically - to expose a keyboard, which almost has the appearance of the newest Bold 9700.

The other phone that might be unveiled could be their 9300 handset, which also has seen leaked images and video appearing online of late only with higher frequency. This handset appears to be a cross between their low budget BlackBerry Curve 9250 model from last year, with the size and feel of their BlackBerry Curve 8900 from a few years back.

We'll bring you more news of the announcement next week, with a hope there will be a similar UK unveiling in much the same way as RIM has done before with the Storm 2 and more recently, the Pearl 3G.


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