Rumour: GeForce GTS 450 clock speeds revealed

Blabbermouths from planet Nvidia have once again failed to keep their gobs zipped about the GeForce GTS 450, enabling us to start putting together a picture of the new mid-range chip. We've already seen PCB diagrams, heard gossip about the memory and now it looks as though we've got the clock speeds too.

Turkish tech site Donanimhaber (Google translation) claims to have squeezed out the information from sources close to Nvidia, who say the GPU will be clocked at 789MHz (with presumably 1,578MHz stream processors), while the GDDR5 memory will have an effective clock speed of 3,760MHz.

The GeForce GTS 450 is rumoured to be based on a new chip called GF106, and previous rumours have stated that the cards will feature 1GB of memory and a 128-bit memory interface.

However, purportedly leaked diagrams of the cards showed eight chips on the back of the board, suggesting they'll have 768MB (6x 128MB) instead. It's also quite possible there will be two flavours of the GTS 450, with some featuring 768MB and others featuring 1GB of RAM, as with the GeForce GTX 460.

According to our calculations based on the diagrams, the GF106 chip will measure around 34mm², and will come in a usual square-shaped chip package, unlike the rectangular GF104 chip used on GeForce GTX 460 cards. It also looks as though the cards will measure 210mm across, and will only require a single six-pin PCI-E power connector.

Interestingly, Donanimhaber's sources also reckon Nvidia has postponed the launch date of the new chip. Former rumblings predicted that the GeForce GTS 450 was lined up for a mid-August release, but the site claims this has now been pushed back to 13 September.