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Sky Introduces 3D Channel As Price Of Cheapest 3D TV Falls To £846

3D Television sets have never been so cheap and with Sky having just announced the launch of a new 3D channel in October, it's worth looking around for the most affordable 3D model on the market.

Beyond Television (opens in new tab) has the popular Samsung LE40C750 model available for £846 only, a price that includes a free HDMI cable, free delivery and a free pair of 3D glasses worth £60 on its own (details here (opens in new tab)).

Sky is taking the bold step of launching a dedicated 3D channel later this year even if the amount of content currently available makes it challenging to offer good quality programming all the time, unlike HD channels.

Users with a HD pack will get the upgrade to 3D content for free and users with a 3D ready television set can already enjoy a preview of 3D programmes coming from Sky this Autumn; they need however to activate 3D on their Sky HD set top box.

As for the Samsung 3D Television, it has some very interesting features like Freeview HD, full HD on a 40-inch size screen, wireless connectivity, eight input ports in all (HDMI, SCART, D-Sub and Composite), PVR capabilities (thanks to USB Slots), CI Slot and the ability to stream content live from iPlayer, Youtube or Lovefilm.

There is also an interesting 2D-to-3D conversion technology that adds Pseudo-3D functionality to any 2D content. It does work even on SD content and games.

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