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Super Talent launches dual interface SSD

Californian memory maker Super Talent has launched the UltraDrive MX SSD, featuring a new dual-interface for both SATA II and mini-USB connections.

The new dual-interface allows you to use the drive as either an internal or an external solid state disk.

Anyone thinking about upgrading their PC or notebook to an SSD might find this new drive rather handy. You can hook the USB interface up to your existing system drive and make a complete copy, then install the drive internally on the SATA bus and use it as your boot drive.

“Most customers know that solid state disks offer superior performance, reliability and power savings, yet they have been unable to makes the switch. The dual-interface on the UltraDrive MX enables a convenient bridge solution during this critical transition period,” warbled Super Talent COO, CH Lee.

The UltraDrive MX manages 250MB/s read and 180MB/s write speeds, and supports the latest GC and Trim features designed to keep the drive running at optimum performance.

Shipping on 1 September, the drives will be available in 60GB, 120GB, 240 and 480GB flavours. No pricing has been announced at time of writing.