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Dell And HP To Resell Oracle's Operating Systems

Oracle has announced that Dell and HP will be certifying and reselling its Solaris and Enterprise Linux operating systems, as well as Oracle VM platforms on their x86 servers.

The company said that customers who have purchased the software running on Dell and HP x86 servers will be given complete access to Oracle's Premier Support for all Solaris, Enterprise Linux and VM platforms.

Oracle added that customers will continue to benefit from the continued investments and developments made by Oracle for the platforms, as well as receiving regular updates.

In a statement, Oracle President Charles Phillips, said: “Oracle Solaris is the industry's #1 UNIX operating system, and is in demand across multiple x86 platforms. Additionally, more and more customers are building virtual environments using Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM on x86 platforms.”

According to Oracle, there has been exceptional demand for the Solaris platform for use on multiple x86 servers.

The OpenSolaris governing body has threatened to disband if Oracle continues to remain vague about its commitment to the Solaris platform.