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Firms Downloading Details Of 100m Facebook Accounts

Big companies like Apple or BBC have started to download the goldmine that is the huge database comprising of the public profiles of more than 100 million Facebook accounts compiled by a security expert.

A Gizmodo reader used an IP checker application to identify the IP addresses of other users downloading the now infamous 2.6GB file on Bit Torrent and it turned out that, as expected, major companies ARE interested by such files.

This is not to say that they condone downloading files from Bit Torrent but at least someone within these organisations thought that it was OK to do so, rather than, say pay Facebook or a third party to compile the database. It might even be out of sheer curiosity rather than calculated marketing gains.

65 organisations are listed but chances are that there are many more around; amongst the most famous names are the BBC, Disney, Apple, HP, the United Nations and Vodafone.

No Microsoft or Google but both companies already have access to Facebook via their respective search engines, Bing and Google search.