Google Adds Web Timing To Chrome 6

Google has announced that it will be including a new and improved Web Timing tool to its Chrome 6 web browser.

The Web Timing feature will allow developers to determine how much time a web page actually takes to load.

Writing on the Chromium blog, the company said that the Web Timing draft specification will come with a set of metrics designed to allow developers to see the web page load time across web browsers.

Google added that developers will be able to access the feature under 'window.webkitPerformance'.

Writing on the blog, Tony Gentilcore, software engineer with the Chrome team, wrote: “Web Timing now gives developers the ability to measure the true page load time by including the time to request, generate, and receive the HTML document.”

He added that people should not be worried if load times look slower than expected, as the tool is significantly more accurate than previous measurement systems and will affect everyone in the same way.