Google China Search Block Was Technical Glitch

Google has said that the blocking of its services in China could have been the result of a technical glitch, the Telegraph has reported.

The search giant reported on Thursday that its search engine and other web services were completely blocked in China, leading to fears that it had been the result of action taken by the Chinese government following its recent dispute with Google.

Speaking almost two hours after the initial report, Google said: “Because of the way we measure accessibility in China, it’s possible that our machines could overestimate the level of blockage.That seems to be what happened last night when there was a relatively small blockage. It appears now that users in China are accessing our properties normally.”

The technical glitch, which left only the search giant's Gmail service working, appeared to bar access to Google's news and pictures functions, and lasted for two hours.

Google has recently had its ICP licence to operate in China renewed after agreeing to abide by the country's censorship policies.