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Google Crowned "King Of Malware" By Security Firm

Google has been dubbed the "King of Malware" by security firm Barracuda Networks after it found that the search engine linked to more sites containing malware than Yahoo, Bing and Twitter combined.

The study, which analysed in detail 25,000 Trending Topics, comprising 5.5 million search results, found that Google's search engine accounted for 69 per cent of links to malware, with Yahoo and Bing at 18 per cent and 12 per cent, respectively.

Micro-blogging platform Twitter accounted for just one per cent of malware.

According to Barracuda Networks, the malware-laden Trending Topics that appear on Twitter only took 1.2 days to appear on Google, but took 4.3 days to show up on Bing and 4.8 days on Yahoo.

The company believes that the massive popularity of Google's search engine is the main reason behind the increasing number of malware-infested sites being picked up by the platform.

It also states that Google's search algorithm is far more responsive than those of its rivals, allowing the site to pick up new Trending Topics more quickly.