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Google Dominates Mobile Search Market

Google accounts for 98.29 per cent of the global mobile internet search market, web analytics firm Pingdom has revealed.

Citing data released by StatCounter, Pingdom said that Google's internet search market share was grossly underestimated in many cases and that the company held dominance over 90.57 per cent of the global internet market.

Pingdom reported that Google's competition, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing held negligible shares in the search market worldwide, with 3.91 per cent and 3.74 per cent respectively.

In the global mobile internet search market, Yahoo held just 0.81 per cent of the market, while Bing only accounted for 0.46 per cent.

Pingdom credits the rise in Google's mobile market share to the increasing popularity of its Android mobile phone platform.

Recently the Android Developers Community had claimed that Google was activating 160,000 new Android phones each day.