Internet kills lunchtime TV favourite

Right about now, the BBC is broadcasting its very last edition of long-running news and personal finance programme Working Lunch.

The show, which has been going for 16 years, has finally run its course thanks to changes in broadcast media - but also, say its producers, the growth of the internet as an information source.

Writing on BBC blog The Editors, Working Lunch supremo Fran Unsworth bid farewell with the following words:

"Today is the last edition of Working Lunch, a programme which has done invaluable service for viewers over the years in providing information on a range of topics on business and personal finance.

"But the world has moved on in the past 16 years and whilst the programme was ground-breaking when it first went on air, there has since been an explosive growth of broadcast media and the launch of the internet.

"It means that audiences now have a range of ways of accessing this sort of information."

As one of the quickest ways to an IT hack's heart is through his stomach, we're particularly pleased to see to see that as a parting gift, the team behind the programme have left us all with a fistful of tasty cake recipes.