iPhone Owners Question Overnight Data Transfer

Many US iPhone owners have reported witnessing a large data transfer taking place over night, every night, tech news site TG Daily reported on Thursday.

They allege that the data transfer that takes place without their prior permission.

According to iPhone owner Cnpeyton, writing on the company’s discussion page, the data transfer that happens every night between 1 and 2am every morning.

“With the changes to the data plans, I decided to look at my wife's data usage on her iPhone. What I found is odd and a bit concerning," read the post by Cnpeyton.

"The amount of data being transferred is REALLY high, if you ask me, as high as 75336KB back on the 17th. I called AT&T support and they said it was the phone updating or mail being downloaded, basically they have no idea. [But] I have the mail set to fetch manually already."

AT&T, the exclusive network service provider for iPhones across the US, has stated that the activity is routine update on the mobile phone to ensure accurate billing.

AT&T also said that users are not charged for the overnight data usage as no data session is generated.