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Microsoft Tablets Are "Job One", Says Ballmer

Microsoft's top priority in its rivalry with Apple is to develop a range of tablet computers, news agency Bloomberg has reported.

Microsoft’s chief executive officer Steve Ballmer has stated that tablet PCs based on the company's Windows operating system are a "job one urgency".

“One of the top issues on my mind is ‘hey there’s a category we have had Windows on for a long time and Apple’s done an interesting job of putting together a synthesis and putting a product out,” said Ballmer while addressing the annual analyst meeting at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington.

Stating that he is less worried about competition in the same sector with Google and the Android Market, the Microsoft CEO said that the company is working hard to develop a potential rival to Apple’s iPad, which has sold nearly 3.3 million units since its launch.

He said that the company is currently working with hardware partners to manufacture a competitive tablet computer.