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Motorola mocks Apple in ads

Motorola has taken to ridiculing Apple's iPhone 4 signal issues, whilst promoting their own handsets at the same time in the USA. Moto has taken to raising the issues that ‘No Jacket' is required for using their own handsets, as it doesn't need a case to work properly where just holding their latest Driod X mobile in a certain way doesn't result in a loss of signal.

The Motorola website now holds this image to your right, which backs this latest campaign of theirs that highlights their Android mobiles do not suffer the same problems as the iPhone 4 and a case isn't needed for the phone just to make a call.

Moto has gone on to place a large advert in the New York Times newspaper this week that just further mocks Apple, where they really bring to attention the problems over the iPhone 4's reception faults and in a very not so subtle or understated way.

The advert starts with the very large letters ‘No Jacket Required', stamping home in the largest possible way their message that a case isn't needed. The ad then draws attention to the features of the Droid X, whilst highlighting and pointing out around the sides of the phone how it betters the iPhone 4 - in what can only be described as an attack ad of the highest order.

The most obvious nod to Apple is the ‘Dual Antenna design, one at the top of the phone and one at the bottom', clearly highlighting how better the reception is over the iPhone 4 and the Motorola handset won't be plagued with the same issues.

It is the statement at the bottom that really digs in knife, and then turns it.

"At Motorola, we believe a customer shouldn't have to dress up their phone for it to work properly"

"That's why the Driod X comes with a dual antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like to make a crystal clear call without a bulky phone jacket"

"For us it's just one of those things that comes as a given when you've been making mobile phones for over 30 years"

All of which is a great and funny way to sell your upcoming phone we believe at One Mobile Ring, whilst at the same time highlighting the flaws of others and possibly having to pay rights to Phil Collins along the way.

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