News@5: Sony Move Prices Fall, The "King Of Malware" & Android

More than 80 applications downloaded from Google's Android Market have been secretly gathering personal information from millions of users and sending it on to third parties in China.

Sony has yet to release the Move in the UK but already, like the pre-announced Kinect, prices of the motion controller are already falling down across the board. is now selling the controller starter pack, which includes the PlayStation Eye camera, for £42.85, a reduction of 14 per cent.

Google has said that the blocking of its services in China could have been the result of a technical glitch. The search giant reported on Thursday that its search engine and other web services were completely blocked in China.

Google has been dubbed the "King of Malware" by security firm Barracuda Networks after it found that the search engine linked to more sites containing malware than Yahoo, Bing and Twitter combined.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes that the company's Android mobile OS can earn the company $10 billion each year. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Schmidt said that the Android platform has the potential to generate $10 billion a year from advertising and download sectors alone.