Sometimes it's OK to steal games

Independent game developer Jeff Vogel waxes lyrical about game piracy and how it's sometimes OK to steal a game, even if it's one of his, in his refreshingly pragmatic blog post.

Jeff admits to being a bit nervous about coming out on the side of piracy, even if his declaration includes some caveats. He explains that many kids in poorer countries simply can't afford to buy his games, which include the Avernum series of RPGs.

"Every so often, I get an e-mail in broken English from some kid in Russia or southeast Asia or India," he explains. "He says how how he is playing my game in a cyber-cafe, for fun and perhaps to practise English. The disparity in the strength of the currency between our two countries makes it impossible for him to get the 25 or 28 hard US dollars to buy my game. The message ends with a sincere and heart-rending plea for a registration key.

"When I get one of these message, what I want to respond is, "PIRATE MY STUPID GAME!!!" I mean, seriously, the time used drafting that e-mail would have been much more profitably spent figuring out how BitTorrent works."

Mr Vogel... we salute you.