Sony Playstation Move Prices Start To Fall Already

Sony has yet to release the Move in the UK but already, like the pre-announced Kinect, prices of the motion controller are already falling down across the board.

Most major UK retailers have alerady started to take preorders of device which is set to be releaed on the 15th of September and appears to have the cheapest prices around.

They are selling the starter pack, which includes a motion controller, the eye camera and a starter disk for £42.85 including delivery, a saving of 14 per cent off the SRP.

The official charger costs an additional £22.85 (a saving of 8 per cent) and ditto for the navigation controller.

The motion controller on its own costs £31.85, a discount of 8 per cent; all prices include delivery.

Purchasing the controller, the bundle package and the subcontroller may save up to £10 compared to the asking price at Amazon for example. The Playstation Move is Sony's controller equivalent of the Nintendo Wii but for the PS3.

You will need at least one motion controller and optionally one navigation controller per user which means that multiple players may end up paying almost the same as the price of the PS3 console itself.