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iPhone Jailbreakers under attack

Insecurity outfit BitDefender said it has identified an attack targeting iPhone owners trying to unlock their handsets.

SInce jailbreaking the iPhone was declared legal in the US under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act last Monday, cyber criminals have been circulating a Trojan - Trojan.Generic.3010833- which claims to be a jailbreaking program, but once installed on a system forwards all captured data to a Hotmail email address.

Spam email advertising a link to a jailbreaking program contains an executable .exe file that attempts to download onto the computer and sneak in the Trojan. This then allows the hacker to intercept the victim’s visited sites, user names, passwords and bank account information according to BitDefender.

“In order to stay safe from this attack and others out there like it, users must take care to ensure they never open suspicious links or attachments,” said Catalin Cosoi, Head of the BitDefender Online Threats Lab.