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More Details About The New Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

There's some evidence, gathered from Google Trends, that the new Amazon Kindle ebook reader is sparking significant interest from potential customers in the UK with the search volume index generated by the term kindle growing by nearly 30 times in 48 hours.

Amazon's latest move to cut the price of the Kindle together with a significant improvement of the ebook reader's features means that just enough might have been done for it to extend the success of the platform.

The price of the third generation Kindle dropped from around £180 to £109 in six months plus the fact that it will be available directly in the UK, without resorting to importing it from the US, can only improve sales.

The Kindle 3 is also physically different from the old one - smaller, thinner and lighter, there's now little scope to squeeze it any further. Amazon has opted for a soft-touch textured back which makes it more elegant compared to the the earlier generation.

Other improvements in the new Kindle include built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, twice the storage (to 3.3GB), a better screen with 50 percent improved display contrast, crisper and darker fonts, much better battery life (up to twice compared to the Kindle 2), native PDF support and a new Webkit-based browser, the same browser platform used by Apple's Safari and Google Chrome.