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Why The Samsung Galaxy Tablet Will Be Successful

Samsung will be the first big electronics giant since Apple unveiled its popular iPad device to launch a tablet computer; known as the Galaxy Tablet, it is likely that it will be a success from the onset.

Although little is known of the tablet (only two pictures have emerged), Samsung is very well placed to build a gadget capable of competing with the iPad and for good reason.

A number of critical parts in the iPad has been manufactured by Samsung or one of its many subsidiary. Apple's A4 chip is rumoured to have been based on the Korean manufacturer's Hummingbird Cortex A8 design while the flash memory & even the 9.7-inch panels are also from Samsung.

It therefore has the necessary expertise, manufacturing capacity and the marketing clout to take on such a venture and compete successfully with Apple.

Then Samsung is a well-established mainstream electronics brand, it is ranked 33rd in the Forbes world's most valuable brands (which incidentally is dominated by Apple) ahead of Blackberry and Dell, two other manufacturers that have or will launch tablets.

Finally, the tablet is already ready and according to various sources likely to be launched within months, this would give it a definite advantage over other competitors especially if Samsung can enroll mobile network operators.