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£200 Samsung SM2233RZ 22" 3D Monitor (Gloss Black)

As entertainment content becomes more available, the need for hardware technology to maintain increasing volumes of software content becomes more important.

Combining this 3D technology with Samsung's LCD monitor creates an optimal viewing tool - for uses ranging from teaching and using 3D modeling to playing the latest video games.

Immerse yourself in excitement. Delivering dramatic 2D images and dynamic 3D images, the SM2233RZ welcomes you to a world of extreme excitement in which fantasy becomes reality. Its enhanced imaging, user friendly features and superior style deliver pure visual perfection.

Starting with a 120Hz image and splitting it into two 60Hz images creates richly textured, ultra-realistic 3D that immerses the viewer in the ultimate 3D environment.

Through its use of ergonomics technology, the 2233RZ creates an eye-resting level that delivers extreme 3D that feels more comfortable and natural to the eye. Get the Samsung SM2233RZ 22" 3D Monitor from Amazon for £200.