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£55.71 Freecom 33990 Classic II 640GB External Hard Drive

Whether you are a professional or home user, these days it is essential to be able to carry your valuable data anywhere with you. Ultra compact, easy-to-use and secure, this USB 2.0 powered portable hard drive makes transporting and sharing data easier than ever. Simply plug it into any computer.

Need to expand your notebook, PC or Mac with a high capacity drive? No problem. Don't want annoying noises while working? No problem.

The Freecom Mobile Drive Classic II has no cooling fan, which ensures quiet operation at all times. Need a hard drive but want to be trendy as well? The Freecom Mobile Drive Classic II has a stylish black design. It will look perfect next to your netbook or notebook.

Buy this tiny hard disk drive from Freecom for only £55.71 here.