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Apple Pulls Antenna Videos From Site

Apple has removed videos highlighting antenna problems on rivals' smartphones from its website, Apple Insider has reported.

The company had posted videos on its "antenna campaign" web page, attacking the antenna performance of competitors' smartphones to show that all phones suffer from similar reception issues to its iPhone 4.

The videos included mobile phones from BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, HTC and Samsung, as well as its own iPhone 3GS. The site was recently updated with videos of Nokia N97 mini and the Motorola Droid X.

First noticed by TechCrunch, the videos were deleted from all websites without any explanation, though the videos are still up on Apple's Canadian site. Videos were also deleted from from Apple’s official channel on You Tube.

Apple is yet to explain why the videos were taken down, but, speaking to CNet, an Apple spokesperson said: "We constantly refresh the content on If you'd like access to them, you can find them archived on"