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Hacker Snoops On GSM Mobiles With $1,500 Device

A security expert has demonstrated how to impersonate a GSM tower to snoop on mobile phones using equipment costing around $1,500 at the Def Con security conference in Las Vegas.

According to PC World, security expert Chris Paget has managed to build an International Mobile Identity Subscriber (IMIS) device, available for $1,500, designed to impersonate a mobile tower from a particular network service provider.

Paget showed that all GSM mobile phones in the area will link to the fake GSM tower due to its strong signal radius, and will be able to snoop on all outbound calls made by the mobile phones attached to the device.

He explained that the outbound calls are intercepted and redirected to the hacker who can then listen or record the calls. Paget added that intercepting inbound calls is also possible.

Paget said that mobile phone users on Sprint's or Verizon's mobile networks need not worried as the technology will not affect their network.